Why Book Azure for your Wedding or Event?

There are many function and wedding bands available, so why should you book Azure and not any other band?

10 Reasons to Book Azure for your Wedding or Function

100% reliability

100% reliability is the most important reason to book Azure as your band. Some bands tempt clients in with remarkably low prices, but there are usually very good reasons for these unusually low prices. Apart from using non-professional musicians, these bands often use low quality equipment, have no back-up equipment, no insurance, no breakdown cover and no contingency plans for illness or unforeseen circumstances.

Azure has maintained a perfect track for over 8 years. It’s not through luck that they’ve managed this. Travel arrangements are made carefully, taking into account the worst possible traffic scenarios. The guys expect bad traffic and road closures and plan their journeys with that in mind. That’s why they always arrive on time.

As well as carrying back-up equipment, every Azure band member has back-up musicians that are fully trained and ready to step into the band line-up at a moment’s notice, should sudden illness occur. In addition, each band member has AA or RAC breakdown cover to guarantee that, whatever happens on the road, they will be at your event on time.

Fantastic musicianship

As clients will tell you, Azure is a band made up of the very best professional musicians; each of whom has spent thousands of hours developing their skills and gaining years of live performance experience. Take a look at the Azure band profile pages for more on each band member’s impressive biography.

Friendly and helpful

Some musicians see performance as a job. Not so for Azure. Each band member has been handpicked as much for their personality as their musical ability. Azure is a band of happy and helpful musicians, who are dedicated making your day as big a success as possible.

Professionalism on every level

Azure band members are always impeccably presented and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. In addition, before your big day, you’ll find communication with the bandleader is both prompt and helpful. Stuart is always just a call away if there is anything you would like to talk about.

A vast repertoire

Azure’s remarkably diverse repertoire enables them to cater for guests of all ages and tastes. Whether your guests are aged 18 or 80, Azure will tailor their performance to get the best response and fullest dance floor possible.

A seamless performance

The ability to perform a seamless set of music, without unwelcome gaps between songs, is crucial for keeping everyone dancing. This takes skill and experience, and few bands are able to match Azure’s expertise in this area.


It’s not enough to be good musicians in order to keep a room full of guests engaged. Azure’s natural sense of fun brings happiness and positivity to any wedding or function. There are no moody musicians in this band!


Experience is something for which there is no substitute. Take a look through the band’s testimonials and you’ll see many comments such as ‘a perfect set list’ or ‘amazing ability to play the right song at just the right time’. This is the result of years of experience and a constant desire to keep improving what they do, and providing the gold standard in live entertainment.

Insured and PAT certified

There are two legal requirements that venues must see from a band. 1. Public Liability Insurance, and 2. A Portable Appliance Testing certificate to show the band’s equipment is safe to use. Without these two legal requirements your venue can (and should) refuse to let any band perform. Azure always carries up-to-date PLI and PAT certificates.

Value for money

Azure will not be the cheapest band you can find, but they do represent reasonable pricing for an outstanding service and total reliability. Contact the band now for your quote.

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