Areas Covered by Azure

What areas of the country will Azure travel to?

Azure is a London-based function band but they offer a nationwide service. This means that whatever area of the country your wedding, function or event is, you can still have one of London’s best bands perform for you on your special day.

Can you recommend a wedding or function venue?

On the left are links to the locations that Azure is most often booked to perform. On each page are specific venues that the band has performed at and that they are happy to recommend, based on the suitability of the venue for live music. You’ll also find many venues that exclusively recommend Azure function band to their clients. Azure are the recommended band for Great Fosers in Surrey, Wasing Park in Berkshire, Danesfield House in Buckinghamshire and many other prestigious wedding venues in different areas of the country.

Will Azure perform in any venue?

Yes, as long as there is space for the band to set up in. Azure has performed at some of the most exclusive historic wedding venues and stately homes, to marques and even client’s homes. The band is very flexible when it comes to setting up, so you don’t need to worry about having a stage or a large area for them. All the band needs are two separate mains sockets to power the sound and lighting equipment.

Will the band need overnight accommodation?

Usually the band will not need overnight accommodation. This does depends on how far away your venue is from London though. If your wedding or function is within 140 miles from London then almost certainly not. If your venue is in Scotland however, then the answer will be yes. The bandleader will confirm this with you well before you go ahead with your booking.

Does Azure perform abroad?

Yes. Just let the guys know the details and they’ll work out the logistics with you.

Take a look around

If you haven’t yet chosen your venue, take a look at the pages on the left that cover the area that you are looking in. The band only recommends venues that they are very familiar with and that is suitable for a great night of live music.