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Meet Azure – London’s finest function band

From their launch in 2007, Azure immediately became one of the most sought after function bands in London. The band is made up of some of London’s very best professional musicians. Each band member has been handpicked to bring together a unique combination of style, personality and stunning musicianship. In addition it’s the band members’ personalities and natural sense of fun that produces the fabulous onstage chemistry that so many clients talk about.

An experienced function band

The band has performed at many hundreds of weddings and functions in London and elsewhere. Audiences have ranged from the most intimate of celebrations to vast halls of many hundreds of guests. Azure has performed in venues of all sizes; from a tiny historic alehouse to the country’s finest castles and grandest stately homes.

Azure’s reputation

From the beginning, Azure’s ethos has been to provide the best musical entertainment possible to each and every client. Their enormous repertoire has been carefully developed and refined over the years and allows them to fill any dance floors with guests of all ages and tastes.

A perfect track record

Azure’s professionalism doesn’t just extend to their performances. They are possibly the only function band in the UK to have maintained a perfect track record spanning more than 8 years. This has been achieved through careful organisation and extensive contingency planning. The band always carries plenty of spare equipment and they always expect bad traffic, and account for it by setting off early. Azure also has a team of top back-up musicians in case of illness. It’s this attention to detail that has secured Azure’s place as the most reliable profession function band in the country. Azure leaves nothing to chance, and that’s good to know.

Professionalism on every level

Azure provides a service to clients that is head and shoulders above the rest. From the first phone call right through to the big day itself, Azure’s band leader Stuart is there to help clients in any way possible. Whether it’s talking through what the band will do on the night, helping decide timings for the evening, or simply helping them choose a first dance. Clients consistently praise Azure for their helpfulness and reassurance every step of the way. Just take a look at their testimonials and see for yourself.

Every performance is different

Unlike many function and wedding bands, Azure does not work to a rigid set list. Their finely honed communication on stage means they can instantly tailor their performance on the night. This means they get the best possible response from your guests and you get a packed dance floor all night long.

Meet the band members

So now you know about the band as a whole, come and meet the band members themselves:

Tom George – Vocals

Stuart Bahn – Guitar

Justin Swaine – Keyboard

Dave Troke – Bass

Ed Williams – Drums

Jenny Deacon – Vocals

Nathan Hawkens – Saxophone

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