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Wedding band videos

For this blog post we thought we’d give you a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like filming a wedding band showreel video.

Most professional wedding bands have to produce a showreel video so clients can see what the band is like. Most professional wedding bands, like Azure, don’t play pubs or bars, so a video is an essential part of any website.

Our modern pop repertoire

This latest video coincides with Azure’s move to a slightly more contemporary pop repertoire. We’ve been adding a host of great modern pop tunes by Bruno Mars, Olly Murs, Katy Perry and many others. All of these new tunes have been getting a fabulous response on the dance floor.

We still do all the classics, but as many of our recent clients have been asking for modern pop we’ve slightly shifted the emphasis for this video.

Lights, camera, action!Wedding band video shoot

Filming took place in west London, where we’re based, and for the occasion we used the remarkable talents and services of professional videographer Mark Higgins.

When we set up to perform at weddings, it takes about an hour from start to finish. For filming though it takes quite a bit longer. There’s so much to think about, plus our videographer had almost as much equipment with him as we did!

After a couple of hours (and a little bit of male grooming) we were good to go. As you can probably tell from the video itself, it was a lot of fun. Everyone in Azure is good friends as well as being professional musicians, so whenever we get together there’s always a happy vibe.

A modern pop wedding band video

We blasted through the fabulous Uptown Funk, Blurred Lines, Happy, Domino and many other modern dance floor favourites. We also included a few classics that always go down wonderfully at weddings, and finished with a tongue in cheek performance of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.

Our finished wedding band video

All in all, we’re delighted with our new wedding band video and we hope you like it too. It was a lot of fun and gives a great glimpse of what the band is like when performing at weddings and functions. It also really captures our natural sense of fun and enthusiasm.

If you haven’t seen it already (surely you have!) you can take a look at our wedding band video page. And if you watch it on Youtube, we’d be delighted it you gave it a Youtube thumbs up. Thanks!

Azure x


About the Author:

Stuart Bahn is a professional guitarist in London, England. He is the band leader of Azure, one of London's top professional function and wedding bands.
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